How a fully remote four day work week has helped a lot of Companies is remarkable, here are some of its benefits 

3 Benefits of the Four Day Workweek

1. Increased morale and flexibility

According to research, four-day workweeks make for happier and less stressful employees in 75% of cases. Over the past two years, we have paid close attention to this. We use Zoom for our meetings, but we also have one-on-one conversations with each staff member to get a sense of how they are doing and how we can improve their working from home experience. Employee happiness raises morale, which is good for the team, as any business owner or leader is aware.

. Our crew has additional flexibility as a result of using remote working to complement our four-day work week. Even though there is no longer any additional commute time, the total number of hours spent each day is just 1.5 hours less than a typical work week. Our staff members like having an extra day to unwind, indulge in their interests, and spend more time with their loved ones. We are convinced that this flexibility will lead to excellent worker retention, and it is undoubtedly appealing to prospective hires to work for the company.

2. Better workflow and cohesion with a four day workweek 

To improve coordination and workflow, we all work from Monday through Thursday. Making yourself available over these 4 days makes it simpler for the team to schedule meetings and work. Our employees now work nine hours per day, four days per week, and are still given a full-time income because we extended each workday by one hour. We employ a roster system that rotates days off for those teams between Thursday and Friday because, as a 24/7 online retailer, certain operations, including our warehouse and customer care, must run 5 days a week.

We had to reevaluate what was absolutely necessary for day-to-day operations due to our new work environment. We decreased the number of internal meetings as one strategy to increase productivity across our four-day workweek. It’s necessary to sit back and consider if everyone really needs to attend this meeting. How long should this meeting last? Couldn’t this just be an email? Our company’s production has grown as a result of better time management.

3. A more active and balanced staff

How can a company be sustained if its people do not prioritise their health and wellbeing? A four-day remote workweek gives workers more chances to maintain their well-being and balance, which enhances their productivity and all-around wellbeing. Working from home might result in a loss of physical activity, therefore we pushed our employees to be active. This is what we do:

• Standing during all meetings.

• Promoting meetings when strolling.

• Suggested purchasing a dog (They are a good reason to get out of the house and great company).

Perhaps it’s time to think about switching from a five-day office workweek to a four-day remote workweek. It is not always easy sailing. So in order to achieve the best results, it is crucial to establish a clear strategy. Use your own extensive expertise and experience as the company’s leader to make any necessary adjustments after a trial based on current feedback and experience.

Get More Productivity Tools

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