We discovered that brands have numerous opportunities to reach PC customers throughout the customer journey, whether they are shopping, researching, or browsing for the future. In discussions on digitalization, smartphones frequently take centre stage because roughly 84% of people worldwide own one. The personal computer (PC) industry, which encompasses desktops, laptops, gaming computers (both laptops and desktops), Chromebooks, and tablets, cannot yet be written off. We’ll summarise some of our findings below.

The PC consumer journey from research to purchase

Recognizing the factors that influence a customer’s decision to purchase a PC is the first step in comprehending their journey. Our survey from 2022 indicates that 56% of PC purchases are motivated by routine requirements, such as replacing or updating an existing device.

Additionally, a lot of customers are not always devoted to one brand. This indicates that a sizable portion of PC audiences shop throughout the year, and that many of them start their study before deciding on a brand.

Many PC users conduct their internet research and shopping. This phase of the customer cycle may be an ideal moment to reach potential buyers with brand-building placements because so many PC shoppers conduct their research online.

Increase brand loyalty with repeated customers

The chance to increase brand loyalty among repeat PC buyers may be particularly advantageous for companies who provide goods at lower price points. Our analysis shows that a lot of PC buyers buy another PC within a year and frequently search for a more affordable model. Indicating that they are not necessarily brand loyal, 52% of those customers did not make a second purchase from the same company.

Advertisers with goods in this price range may see this as a chance to build rapport with consumers who are knowledgeable about the PC market. Advertisers would want to think about always-on brand-focused marketing that motivates recurring PC buyers to give particular brands top priority when searching for their next purchase.

Brands reach customers on different platforms

Compared to the broader public, PC buyers are 20% more likely to watch Twitch and Amazon Music. Before consumers have even begun looking into making their next purchase, advertisers may want to think about combining these channels and gadgets into their overall advertising plans to increase brand recognition among highly engaged consumers.

Brands to consider multiple advertising solutions

PC brands may discover that. Purchasing numerous Amazon Ads solutions will enable them to remain in the forefront of consumers’ minds. It is throughout the whole customer experience. According to analysis, brands that executed marketing initiatives. That highlighted more than two solutions experienced a 6% boost in the rate of new-to-brand growth. (compared to brands that focused only on Sponsored Display and Sponsored Products options).

Regardless of the stage of the customer journey that a PC brand is most interested in, Amazon Ads provides a special set of tools to assist PC marketers in raising brand recognition and connecting with highly engaged consumers. Now, before launching a campaign, advertisers have the chance to learn more about these important demographics.

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